Friday, April 26, 2013


Ever feel like this guy?

Studies done by the National Coffee Association have shown that almost 83% of Americans drink coffee every day to help them stay awake or to quote the movie "Office Space", to get through a case of the "Mondays".

Do you know how much caffeine is in your cup of coffee? It can be anywhere from 40 to 200 mg of caffeine depending on the coffee to water ratio. Lots of people have different theories on just how much coffee goes into their specific blend of java, but science tells us that there is a fool proof way to know.

Most folks generally believe that a darker roast has more caffeine. Not so! It really doesn't matter what the roast quality is, light, medium or dark. What matters is how much coffee you're measuring out into that little white filter that will eventually end up in your favorite mug.

You see, with a dark roast (and this is possibly where the myth originated) the beans tend to be bigger. This is because, the darker you roast it the more water is roasted out and the fluffier the bean gets. As the water is roasted out of the bean, the bean swells and becomes larger than say, a medium roast bean. Now, when you go to grind these dark beans you'll notice that you'll need to grind a few more than normal to get the amount you're looking for to make your usual brew. Therefore, when you use more beans, the more caffeine you'll get.
So while your normal Cup of Joe may make you a little more wired than your friend's regular brew, it’s simply because you had more grounds to that filter than she did.

Voila! Myth Busted!


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Monday, April 22, 2013

Welcome to our Blog!

We have so much going on at North Pole Coffee and we'd love to share it with you! We are constantly changing, like any good business, and with change comes added aspects to our company. Between batch roasts and deliveries we're working on Barista Training Classes and hoping to launch our Office Coffee Program very soon. Of course we still do the day to day orders for those who call in or email us and need their fix of Black Gold or St. Nickerdoodle, and we're here every Monday-Friday 7AM-3PM to answer all your coffee questions.

In the middle of all our progress our deepest desire is to connect with our customers and our community. We thoroughly enjoy the occasional complement on our facebook page or the kind words from a satisfied customer when we drop off product at one of the many coffee huts in town. We're excited to begin yet another endeavor to share our love of coffee with those who love it as much as we do!