Coffee Selections

Black Gold
-Italian Bold-
A Smooth and Strong Dark Italian Roast
Coffee with Low Acidity

-Classic Arabica Brew-
A Familiar Aromatic Coffee With
Hints of Fruit and Great Full Body Taste

Espresso Classic
-Barista’s Choice-
Delicately Sweet but Strong and Rich
Tasting, Heavy Body, Vienna Roast Coffee

Espresso (Dark)
Our Espresso Classic Coffee Blend
Roasted Darker For a Deep Bold Flavor 

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
-African Origin-
Medium Body Roast Coffee with Floral Aromatic Characteristics and Mild Fruit-Like Flavor

Fairbanks Choice
-All Occasions-
A Unique and Complex Full City Roast Coffee
With a Rich Blend and Full Body Aroma

French Roast
-Dessert Friendly-
A Unique Dark Roast Coffee With a
Smooth Flavor and Sweet Hints of Chocolate

Kenya AA
-Italian Dark Roast-
African Origin Coffee – Nut and Berry Flavors,
A Very Smooth Finish. Enjoy an Original!

Latin Silk
-Coffee with Depth-
A Very Smooth Full City Roast Coffee
With a Fruity Aroma and Chocolate Notes

**Specialty Flavored Coffee**
A Variety of Flavors - Full City Roast Beans
Our Signature Flavor “St. Nickerdoodle”

Mexican Malinal Estate - Organic
-Organic Shade Grown-
A Medium Roast Organic Coffee with a Fine
Balance of Fruit and Spice Notes

Mushers Blend
-A Tamed Flavorful Experience-
A Balanced Blend of Medium Roast Origin Coffee
With a Complementary French Roast Note

North Pole Blend
-Award Winning-
Rich, High Grown, Central
And South American Full City Roast Coffee

Santa’s Blend
-How Santa Pulls His All-Nighter-
Sweet but Strong, Heavy Body,
Rich Tasting Vienna Roast Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling
-Indonesian Origin-
Full City Roast Coffee with a Fully Body
Taste of Refined Earthy Elements

Tanzania Peaberry
-Gourmet African Origin-
Full City Roast Coffee with a Concentrated
Flavor, a Lively Cup That is Full Body
With a Distinguished Aroma

Wake Up Call
-The Day Starts Here-
Breakfast Blend of Full City Roast Coffee
Blended With a Dark Italian Roast Bean

Wild Alaska
-Exploring the Last Frontier-
A Smooth Balance of Origin Coffees
Blended to Create a Deep Nutty Flavored
Full Body Finish

DECAF Coffee
Espresso Decaf
Mexican Organic Decaf
North Pole Blend Decaf
Flavored Decaf

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