Monday, May 4, 2015

Camping Season

It's practically summer here in Alaska and so we break out the shorts, light jackets, and hiking boots. We live for this time of year, it's why we brave and knuckle through the -40 winter days and the unrelenting dark, short days.
The never ending sun and quick transition from Winter to Summer is our payoff and we're oh-so-ready to get out in the untamed wilderness we love. 

For our hard core, North Pole Coffee lovers we'll be trying out new brewing methods that are perfect for camping, backpacking, and hiking. If you're outdoors, we've got a brew solution for you.
Follow our Trek Team this summer as they test our latest brew technology and venture into some of the most amazing trails the interior of Alaska has to offer. 

Trek Team Bios:

Angie Coelho
Came to Alaska in 2012. Angie is the Business Developer for North Pole Coffee Roasting Co. She and her husband have traveled around the world and finally settled down long enough to enjoy the wild of Alaska and have their first child.

Doug Coen:
Came to Alaska in 1996. Doug is the Master Roaster for North Pole Coffee Roasting Co. He and his family love to fish and camp. Want to know the best place to catch silvers, reds, or any other kind of fish? Doug's your man.

Cyle Demoski:
Grew up in Alaska. Cyle served in the armed forces and made his way back to North Pole Coffee to work as a technician. He is an avid camper and knows all the best spots in the interior.