Friday, September 12, 2014

Butter Coffee

Alright, by now you've heard the hype or seen our Facebook posts about trying butter coffee. What is this new trend that sounds frightfully overindulgent and frankly, downright disgusting?

Butter Coffee got its start in countries like Tibet where putting yak butter in your coffee is a daily occurrence. Tibetans enjoy the yak butter's flavor and the energy it gives. A coffee connoisseur traveled to the Tibetan mountains and in his coffee he had, yep, you guessed it....yak butter.
He thought about the idea behind this odd (at least to the western world) dietary practice and after research and testing, he founded a coffee company dedicated to creating a product with all the benefits of caffeine and none of the caffeine crash. This is where Butter Coffee comes in, also known as "Bullet Proof Coffee", it boasts an ability to give you mental clarity and energy all day without any negative effects.

North Pole Coffee followed up on this odd new trend and what we discovered was both enlightening and tasty.

We used grass fed, unsalted butter because the Butter Coffee trend suggests that this kind of butter not only gives you more energy and the ability to burn fat all day long, but it is healthier for you because it has good fats and oils that do not raise cholesterol.

We used coconut oil because the founder of the Butter Coffee recipe suggests that it aids in the body's absorption of the important minerals found in the coffee.

Want to try it for yourself?
Here's our recipe:

2 cups     of hot, freshly brewed, NPC coffee (we recommend organic or single origin)
2 tbls      coconut oil
2 tbls      unsalted, grass fed butter

Blend all ingredients until bubbles start to form. Serve and enjoy hot!

Like all fads, we found the results to be varying, however, we did enjoy the creamy texture and delicious nutty flavor. We cannot confirm that the Butter Coffee gave us long lasting energy without a crash or made us feel fuller longer. What we can confirm is that the delicious taste and caffeine kick makes this new trend a must try for all coffee lovers.

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